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ROI-Driven Meta Ads: Best Practices for Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Industries

Digital Marketing Challenges: Budgeting for new Solutions in 2023

January 19, 2023 Plan your Marketing Calendar with the strategic allocation of your marketing dollars to face the digital challenges. Digital Marketing challenges are continuously changing. We need strategies to cope with these changing requirements. Implementing these strategies demands a...

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E-commerce Retargeting Strategy for Cannabis & Hemp/CBD Industry

E-commerce retargeting for the Cannabis Industry is an essential component to your digital marketing strategy. Retargeting ‘recaptures’ the attention of users who are already familiar with your brand and product offerings to varying degrees. Aligning your retargeting campaigns with shoppers’...

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Cannabis and CBD Product Marketing in 2020

Cannabis Businesses are facing unusual challenges due to several advertising restrictions. We shared our experience and expertise in the cannabis and CBD product industries to help with such advertising challenges. It is a perfect time for companies to leverage their...

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