Search & Social Integration: Toolkit for Cannabis & Hemp/CBD Industry

”Social networking” and ”Searching” ranks as the top two consumer online activities globally. What happens if you combine them together?

Consider this fact: Conversion rate rose as high as 68% when advertisers integrated their search campaigns with social advertising. So why haven’t more companies aligned search and social yet? While it offers a plethora of benefits, Social & Search integration is no cakewalk. Organizational & technical barriers, lack of cross-channel experts, and many more challenges come with the process.

This webinar walks you through the what, how and why of the integration, including case-studies and marketing strategies to generate better ROAS!

In this webinar, we covered –

  • Industry-specific examples of how integrating search and social efforts can transform your bottom line.
  • Tips for building Cannabis & CBD/Hemp business cases to support search and social integration
  • Easier and faster ways to test the impacts of the integration, optimize on-site content & search ads, get new audiences, and much more

Our webinar was held on Thursday, March 4th, 2021, at 9:30 am PDT
Hosts: Varun Patel (Founder & CEO of Spokes Digital, Inc.) and Lauren Laplante (CGO of Spokes Digital, Inc.)

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