Meet Scalify - Programmatic Advertising Automation Redesigned

The New Way to Plan, Execute and Measure Media

Scalify the consumer journey

Our intuitive platform helps you see through the clutter of programmatic advertising. Our simple drag & drop interface allows you to take control of planning and buying across the entire journey. Let Scalify find efficiency and provide clarity in the cannabis digital marketing space like never before.


Control: With Scalify, you can control, visualize, and understand the consumer journey from start to finish. Set up your brand’s marketing messages across the entire funnel and build alternate journey paths. Scalify’s media buying algorithms will help uncover the best communication plan for your audience.

Minimize Waste: Scalify will help you uncover the true value of each ad opportunity and shine a light on its impact as users progress along the journey.

Inform: Scalify provides insight to align the way you think and plan, offering intelligent decision-making to bring your consumer journey to life. Use learnings from Scalify to master your media mix, better understand your consumer target, and help inform future media strategy.

Consumer-valuing tool

Identify, score, and use the latest advancements in automation to nurture consumers toward your desired business goals. Our valuing tool makes sure a brand never overpays to talk to a consumer. It is based on a consumer’s actual value to the brand, position in the journey, and incrementality at every ad opportunity. Scalify matches each consumer with the best communication path and inserts them into the journey at the most appropriate stage.

Execute Omni-channel Marketing Campaigns

Activate personalized and targeted campaigns across connected devices like desktop, mobile, tablet, OTT and CTV. Using Surfside’s owned and operated Demand Side Platform, we prioritize people that match your target audience and campaign goals.

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