Analytics & Technology

Making sense of the numbers

The Spokes Analytics & Technology Team continuously reinvents how we drive conversions and improve ROI for our clients. Our wide-ranging analytics, data & engineering expertise produces actionable insights & unified cross-channel reporting that powers performance.


Business Intelligence

Measure KPIs

Our business intelligence analytics incorporate real-time data sources, including customer data, competitor data, industry data, best practices data to measure KPIs aligned with your business goals—from impressions to revenue & profit-per customer.


Actionable Technology Platform

Real insights come from good data analysis, and good data comes from a well-designed technology stack. Platforms that fuel optimizations, and we’re continually monitoring to ensure data authenticity.


Visualize Data in Real Time

Speed-to-market is key to performance. The automation of our proprietary TrinityX™ cross-channel analysis, benchmarking & roadmapping platform, coupled with human intelligence, enables us to quickly turn data into insights. We’re then able to optimize faster, and out-perform the competition.


Data Driven Decision Framework

Build a Cross-Channel Data Framework

Linking digital behaviors with CRM and offline data provides a singular view of customers, enabling hyper-relevant consumer experiences. A strong cross-channel data framework uncovers optimization insights that inform budgeting, targeting audience engagement & conversion strategies.


Targeting Through Real-Time Audience Segmentation

We blend 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data to create audience segmentation based on defined number of predetermined attributes in real-time. As a result, our clients break through the clutter with relevant ads that fuel retention, reactivation, remarketing and cross-sell/up-sell.


Deliver Personalized and Relevant Experiences

Communicating with consumers on a 1:1 level is vital to turning intent into conversion. We employ cross-channel informed data integration—to deliver highly personalized ads across paid and owned assets.


Predictive Analysis

Pinpoint Optimized Budget Planning

Determining How much budget should be allocated across channels is a daunting. We visualize budget tradeoffs through data analytics, industry benchmarking, and channel performance historical analysis, uncovering the highest performing, most efficient channel and optimal budget allocation opportunities.


Adapt Faster to Market Conditions

The newest & most relevant consumer data is the most predictive data; it’s the most instructive in performance analysis and course-correcting your strategies. We constantly monitor the audience behaviour, channels performance & market to pace our clients for success.


Cater to Consumer Needs

We view your customers through our analytic engines. This data analysis enables us to delight customers and increase more conversions with personalized messages and relevant content attuned to timing, context, preferences, needs and intent.



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