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Rethink SEO gain Strategies For Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Industry in 2022

In the fast-paced digital world, capturing attention within a short span of time is highly important. We need to grab Attention, build up Interest, generate Desire & motivate Call to Action with our Digital Marketing campaigns. Holidays are proven to…

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Varun Patel

CEO & Founder

Mr. Varun Patel is a technocrat, strategist and an entrepreneur with contribution towards the IT consulting, thought leadership, strategy formulation as a business solutions consultant in Finance, Education, Energy, Real Estate, Automotive in USA and India while working with IBM, USA.

Mr. Patel holds an MBA (International Business) from Symbiosis and B.Tech from HBTI, Kanpur. He dreams beyond the frontiers of conventional thinking towards the creation of a global organization.

Lauren Laplante-Rottman

Chief Growth Officer

Chief Growth Officer/adviser with over twenty years experience in corporate firms, including Fortune 500 companies like IBM and leading utility and technology firm. Deep knowledge and international experience of the energy sector and utilities, emerging technologies, marketing, and operations.

She advises clients on corporate expansion and technology development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The content measuring KPIs can help measure your content's effectiveness over time. These include engagement, reach, impressions, Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, etc. It is advised to use A/B testing on your content so as to compare the results and determining which type of content is effective.

Your content is the first touch point that customers make contact with. To make a content viral you must strike chords with your customers. Try to engage your customers while delivering an immersive experience. Try to get more social shares on your content.

Communicate value to your customers and keep them engaged. Keep them updated with offers and also try retargeting in order to gain back customers who abandoned their transactions. Keep your customers engaged by deploying effective content and delivering great experiences.

The ongoing pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the consumer's consumption pattern. The consumption has increased as a result of people staying indoors. Your value proposition should make your customers feel safe when it comes to health and hygiene. Try bundling your products and sell them as a unit. Communicate this value through advertisements and create awareness about your product so as to get it considered by your customer's in their buying journey.

Be very careful while advertising your CBD brand. Don't say anything that is not approved by FDA. Health benefits and claims are a strict no when it comes to advertising. Be very careful in what you say as there is a very thin line between what's allowed and what's not. Stay updated with the rules and regulations around marketing CBD products.

Backlinks help search engines to find and index your content for relevant search queries and enhance your SEO. This helps search engines to interpret the quality and authenticity of your website. Backlinks help you get your website appear on top in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and gain more visibility and traffic. Backlinks serve as Google's top 3 ranking factors for a website.

The content that is crisp and engaging, drives the best results on social media. The content should be authentic, immersive, entertaining and influential in creating an emotional connect with your followers and communicating value to them. The content should be short and precise to be easily shareable. It must contain graphics like images, videos, audios, etc.

Email is a very important channel for communicating with your customers. Marketing your CBD brand through email can help you achieve higher conversion rates as compared to SEO and SEM campaigns. Email marketing keeps your customers informed and engaged. Make sure to make your customers subscribe to your newsletter.