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ROI-Driven Meta Ads: Best Practices for Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Industries

This white paper provides insights and best practices for implementing ROI-driven meta-ads in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. It explores the concept of meta ads, their benefits, and the platforms and tools available for deployment. 

Future of digital marketing: How AI and automation are changing the game

The recent buzz around Open AI’s ChatGPT has created a different approach towards marketing. Implementation of similar AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools can level up your game. AI is not going to replace your brand’s position in the market.
Future of digital marketing : How AI and automation are changing the game

Rethink SEO gain Strategies For Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Industry in 2022

In the fast-paced digital world, capturing attention within a short span of time is highly important. We need to grab Attention, build up Interest, generate Desire & motivate Call to Action with our Digital Marketing campaigns. Holidays are proven to…

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Varun Patel

CEO & Founder

Mr. Varun Patel is a technocrat, strategist and an entrepreneur with contribution towards the IT consulting, thought leadership, strategy formulation as a business solutions consultant in Finance, Education, Energy, Real Estate, Automotive in USA and India while working with IBM, USA.

Mr. Patel holds an MBA (International Business) from Symbiosis and B.Tech from HBTI, Kanpur. He dreams beyond the frontiers of conventional thinking towards the creation of a global organization.

Lauren Laplante-Rottman

Chief Growth Officer

Chief Growth Officer/adviser with over twenty years experience in corporate firms, including Fortune 500 companies like IBM and leading utility and technology firm. Deep knowledge and international experience of the energy sector and utilities, emerging technologies, marketing, and operations.

She advises clients on corporate expansion and technology development.

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