Phygital: Act 360 Local: Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Dispensary Marketing

Phygital is the perfect blend of Physical & Digital Marketing activities aimed at effective growth. Act Phygital for 360 customer targeting.

Performance Marketing is no more just Physical or Digital. Phygital is a perfect blend of both these Marketing approaches focused on growth. Growth can be measured in terms of footfall, website traffic, number of orders (both online & offline) & other important metrics. With this webinar you will understand which Marketing platforms you should explore top growth initiatives for your Physical Store / Delivery Business / Dispensary.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Challenges in Current Marketing Approach
  • Physical to Phygital Transformation Explained
  • Digital Marketing Channels to explore
    • SEO & Local SEO
    • GMB Optimization & Areas Served Pages
    • Geo Targeting Ads – Google SEM & Programmatic
    • Email & SMS Marketing & Automation
  • Case Studies