Retargeting Strategies to Increase Your CR for Cannabis/Hemp & CBD Industry

Retargeting is a powerful form of digital advertising that targets audiences (potential buyers) with tailored ads based on their online behavior.

Retargeting ads are critical for the Cannabis & CBD/Hemp space because these industries rely heavily on repeat business. New customer acquisition is expensive. Retargeting is an essential tool for staying in front of your customers and staying top of mind. With this webinar, you will understand the Retargeting Strategies that Cannabis & CBD Businesses explore to enhance their conversion rate. We will cover:

  • Importance of Goals for Retargeting Strategies
  • Best Practices for Retargeting Campaigns
    • On Strategy
    • On Messaging
    • For E-commerce
    • On Google Adwords
  • Engagement Trigger Ideas for Retargeting Campaigns
  • Creative & Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas
  • Case Studies