Analyzing E-Commerce growth opportunities for Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Industry

Digital Marketing activities should solve your Performance Gaps. Analyze your efforts with our proven metrics to redirect your activities.

In the Digital space, performance tracking is essential to help us understand where we should focus our efforts. Understanding the technical terms and what they mean for your business in the real world can definitely help you analyze your Brand to achieve your target growth for 2022. With the New Year upon us, this is the right time to analyze your Digital performance, fill the performance gaps & explore new opportunities in your industry. With our 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing for the Cannabis Industry, we at Spokes have created a list of important metrics & growth opportunities that you should know as a Marketing Manager for your Brand. This Webinar will help you analyze your performance gaps and offer you some proven methods that give results for our customers in similar situations.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Google Analytics Explained
  • Important Metrics – Impressions, CTR, ATV, Transaction Rate, etc
  • Paid Media Performance Gaps & Solutions
  • SEO Performance Gaps & Solutions
  • Before & After Case Studies

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