Future of Digital Marketing: How AI and Automation are Changing the Game

2023 market demands implementation of AI tools to get clients more effectively. Explore with us the changing digital marketing game for the Cannabis industry.

Date: 16 Feb

The recent buzz around Open AI’s ChatGPT has created a different approach towards marketing. Implementation of similar AI tools can level up your game.

AI is not going to replace your brand’s position in the market. The brands who will use AI tools are going to replace your brand’s position in the market.

This webinar will take you through AI tools needed for building high return marketing campaigns. This can help especially for Cannabis, CBD & Hemp marketers. 

We’ll talk about:

    1. AI Tools necessary for Marketing
    2. Incorporation of AI tools in existing Digital Marketing Strategies
    3. Implementing new AI & ML driven strategies
    4. Future of AI driven Cannabis Digital Marketing
    5. Case Studies (AI driven success stories)

    Join us in exploring this journey.