How to Optimize Holiday Season 2021 Sales for Cannabis & Hemp/CBD industry

When holiday shopping kicks into full swing, luck will favor the prepared. Proper planning and execution are what separate the eCommerce winners from the losers – especially during the holidays.

Nothing beats a holiday shopping season that exceeds expectations for cannabis/CBD/Hemp retailers. At a time when consumers become extra enthusiastic about shopping, it is a great opportunity to boost sales and revenue. So come along with us and prepare for a great holiday sales season.

In this webinar we covered:

  • Building marketing campaigns that will help increase Holiday Sales
  • Digital Marketing Strategies that help increase sales during the Holiday Season
  • General guidelines that will help you stand out above the competitors
  • SEO Tips to Optimize Sales during the Holiday Season
  • Case Studies

Our webinar was held on September 2nd, 2021, at 10 am PDT.
Hosts: Varun Patel (Founder & CEO of Spokes Digital, Inc.) and Lauren Laplante (CGO of Spokes Digital, Inc.)

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