2023 Digital Go-To-Market Strategy for Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Brands

Learning GTM strategies can recession-proof Cannabis Brands & help you dominate the digital space in 2023.

15th Dec 2022

Every Cannabis, CBD or Hemp brand goes through a combination of the 5 GTM Progression phases – introduction, growth, maturity, saturation & decline. Each of these phases needs a specialized strategy to help achieve sustainable growth.
Spokes Digital’s 6 years of experience dedicated to Cannabis Digital Marketing has been a learning ground to formulate successful Go-To-Market strategies for each of the business phases.

    Learning these strategies can recession proof your brands & support your business to dominate the digital cannabis space in 2023. So, Register Now for the webinar & we’ll see you live talking about these strategies & answering your questions.

    ➢ Industry Disruptors for Marketers in 2023
    ➢ Purchasing Funnel Research & Optimization
    ➢ Go-To-Market Strategy & Process
    ➢ 3 Common Budgeting Mistakes & 2023 Strategic Budget Allocation Process

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