Will Augmented Reality Dominate The Future?

In the past few years, virtual reality has earned a lot of reputation. It has immersed millions of users by making them feel like they are experiencing an imaginary reality for gaming, entertainment, 3D movies, and more. At present, augmented reality is striving hard to make its way in the marketplace by giving the best experience to its users. This new technology is utterly transforming the way people see their surroundings and is face-lifting the business models of companies. The biggest advantage of this new emerging technology is that it is creating a bridge between the digital and real worlds. This technology is still in its infancy, but leaving no stone unturned to drive marketers and people crazy with its features and functionalities. What does the future hold for this technology? Let’s discuss this.

Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

Many businesses will take advantage of this technology in the near future by captivating and motivating their users to visit their physical location or take some specific action in order to take advantage of coupons, discounts, or other offers. With the help of augmented reality technology, business owners will also offer users a more interesting in-store experience by allowing them some means of digital interaction within the store. For example, business owners will launch augmented reality apps that give their users a virtual map of their store in order to help them to find what they’re exactly looking for. Furthermore, this powerful technology is empowering business brands to better connect to their customers and drive real business results in the process. The future of augmented reality is clearly bright; even it has already found its way into the domain of cell phones and video game systems.

Gaming As Entertainment

The huge popularity of Nintendo and Niantic’s game “POKEMON GO” has set off a boom throughout the world. This augmented reality game, a perfect combination of both reality and digital imagination, has given the best entertainment experience to millions of game lovers. Many companies are now working on augmented reality games in order to give the best experience to their customers in the near future.

Cosmetics – Choose What Suits You

In the beauty sector, many companies are trying to bring this technology into their store by enhancing customers’ shopping experiences through makeup mirrors. For example, if you stand in front of a mirror, the mirror will robotically read and analyze your skin tone and suggest the right products accordingly. You will be able to read the product information on a bar in front of the mirror and also able to read customer reviews. A cosmetic-maker Amore Pacific has already brought this technology into their stores. Now other beauty companies are trying to approach it.

Flourishing Real Estate Sector

Augmented reality in the real estate sector operates by projecting information about both residential and commercial properties that are available for sale over the images of those properties. A buyer who is looking for a property will be able to see the overlaid data and also see how the interior of the houses will look after completion using their mobile devices or iPads. Furthermore, property buyers don’t even have to visit any house in person.

New Dimensions To Learning

Just imagine you are living in a magical world where you can see, feel, and touch each and everything. In the near future, augmented reality will make it possible by creating the same atmosphere for students. By integrating augmented reality into classrooms, professors will be able to capture the attention of students. This technology will make the process of learning for students quite easy and interesting. They can feel and touch things in the real world and get the best learning experience.

This powerful technology, augmented reality, is being used to connect brands with consumers through innovative marketing campaigns. Many companies throughout the globe have already started using this technology to give a real e-store experience to their online customers. Many digital marketing companies are trying to implement this technology to transfer the customer experience and increase user engagement.

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