Expert Insights; Festive Marketing To Boost E-Commerce Sales for Cannabis Companies

Expert Insights; Festive Marketing To Boost E-Commerce Sales for Cannabis Companies

One of the busiest times of the year for e-commerce businesses, including those in the cannabis sector, is the festive season. It’s a perfect opportunity to focus on festive marketing methods to increase sales, given the rise in consumer spending. We’ve gathered insights from business experts on how to run successful festive marketing campaigns to help cannabis companies make the most of their potential throughout the holiday season.

So let’s begin with the tips for running a successful festive marketing campaign:

Facilitating Browsing and Ordering While on the go

Businesses now need to make sure that clients can quickly browse and place mobile orders because more people are shopping online. Cannabis businesses can improve their chances of success by facilitating browsing and ordering while on the go. 

Here are some pointers for small businesses that want to make it easier for customers to browse and order on the go.


Small businesses should make sure their website is responsive to mobile devices. This indicates that the website has to be optimized for use on all platforms, including tablets and smartphones. On any device, customers should be able to browse and buy products with ease.

Search function: 

The website’s search engine needs to be user-friendly and precise. Products should be searchable by keyword, category, or price range for customers. Giving clients accurate search results will make it easier for them to swiftly and successfully find what they’re looking for.

Multiple payments: 

For clients to be able to purchase products quickly and simply, cannabis businesses should have a variety of payment choices. Credit and debit cards, PayPal, and mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are all common methods of payment.

Simple checkout: 

The checkout procedure ought to be quick and easy. Cannabis businesses should avoid making the checkout process overly complicated because doing so can cause customers to give up on their purchases. Customers can also make purchases without having to register an account by using a guest checkout option.

Cannabis businesses can make it simpler for customers to browse and order products on the move by adopting a mobile-responsive website, streamlining the checkout process, providing numerous payment choices, and offering an accurate search function.

Utilizing Push notifications

Push notifications on mobile apps and websites are a useful tool for boosting sales during the festive seasons. Users are informed about new promotions, sales, or other vital information via push notifications, which are messages sent to their devices. 

Send reminders: 

Customers can receive reminders about future sales or events by using push notifications. This may contribute to raising interest and enthusiasm for the event, which may boost sales. 

Highlight products: 

Businesses can emphasize new goods or services they are providing by using push notifications. Businesses can improve their chances of making a sale by showing these new items to clients.

Customise notification settings: 

Push alerts that are customized can significantly boost sales. Businesses can personalize notifications using customer information to increase their relevance and client engagement.

Cannabis businesses can maximize the impact of their push notifications and increase their sales throughout the holiday season by sending reminders, showcasing new goods, personalizing notifications, and utilizing clear-concise messaging.

Plan an exclusive festive offer

Offering special discounts and promotions is one way to accomplish this. Cannabis companies can run exclusive festive offers to increase sales and boost brand engagement. Here is how you can plan a festive offer for your festive marketing campaign:

Design an offer: 

The first step is to decide which offers will be most appealing to your target market. This necessitates a thorough comprehension of the tastes and actions of your customers. If you operate an online business, for instance, offering free shipping or a discount on a particular product category might be more successful. Spend some time learning about and experimenting with various offers to determine which ones are most effective.

Predict the offer’s impact on the business: 

It’s crucial to think about the possible effects an offer might have on your organization before issuing it. Will the deal generate enough revenue to pay for the discount? Will it draw in new customers or encourage current ones to make more purchases? To monitor the effectiveness of each offer and modify your plan as necessary, think about using analytics tools.

Promote the deals on digital channels: 

Your target demographic can be reached through digital ads, email marketing, and social media. But remember to adjust your messaging for each platform and target audience. For instance, Instagram might be a better channel for showing visually appealing deals, but email might be a better channel for emphasizing the offer’s specifications and including a clear call to action.

Planning exclusive offer deals for your present and prospective consumers may be a very successful strategy for bringing in and keeping business. However, it’s crucial to plan the appropriate offers, comprehend how they will affect your business, and advertise them via a variety of digital channels. 

By following all the above suggestions you can run a successful festive marketing campaign to boost e-commerce sales for cannabis products. Although, apart from these suggestions we have some more expert advice for you to level up your festive marketing campaign.

Here Are Some Advanced Tips From Our Marketing Expert – Varun Patel

Connect Festival Offers the Festive Theme:

Connecting your festive offerings to the festival theme will help buyers find them more tempting. Making your campaign festive-themed is the best way to achieve this. You can increase the relevance and excitement of your offerings for potential customers by infusing the festive spirit into them.

Plan Your Offers Genuinely to Connect with Your Customer: 

During the holiday season, it’s important to offer discounts and promotions, but it’s just as important to make sure they’re authentic. Customers are fast to recognize fake offers, which can be detrimental to the reputation of your company. Instead, concentrate on providing your customers with deals that have value and significance. This might be free shipping, discounts on well-liked goods, or even a gift to a good cause for each transaction.

Leverage Social Media Channels to Promote Your Offers: 

Social media is a useful medium for connecting with your target audience and increasing website traffic. Use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your festive deals and invite followers to spread the word about them to their contacts. To reach a larger audience, you can also consider running sponsored social media advertisements.

To Summarize 

Cannabis businesses can increase e-commerce sales throughout the holiday season by using festive marketing. Cannabis businesses may develop successful marketing strategies that connect with consumers and increase sales by concentrating on enabling browsing, utilizing push alerts, and arranging exclusive offers. 

All the expert techniques in the blog are suggested by the experts of the leading Digital Marketing Services in the USA, Spokes Digital. With their expertise and passion for delivering exceptional results, they have helped businesses improve their digital marketing analytics performance. So, to make the most of the holiday season, start developing your festive marketing strategy right away!

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