How to Advertise a Cannabis Dispensary in California.

How to Advertise a Cannabis Dispensary in California.

From being cultivated for fiber and rope in the early years to penetrating as an important market, Cannabis Business has come a long and strong way in one of the most populous states of the USA- California. The increasing number of recreational stores, dispensaries, medicinal cannabis stores, etc., shows that California is pretty accepting of cannabis use.

The growth of the cannabis business has to lead to its digitalization as well. The cannabis marketing for the subject has shown rapid growth since legalization. The online advertising of cannabis has helped the small firms to avail a bigger platform. It has helped in leveraging their cannabis business as well. Dispensary marketing in California has led to the rise and boost in the business of well-known firms like MedMen and many more.

Poster of MedMen, for online Cannabis Advertising.

To understand dispensary marketing in California, let’s go through the digital strategies which helped them:


In today’s world, before buying anything every person does online research about the product and the location for the availability of the product. The searched words are optimized hence leading to the birth of SEO. Search Engine Optimization should be the first and foremost digital marketing strategy to be accepted by the entrepreneurs. Optimization of the website will help in increasing the online visibility of the site and hence attracting more customer attention. Various Cannabis advertising agency in California is working upon the SEO of cannabis dispensaries.


Considered to be one of the most important online strategies, content marketing will help the cannabis dispensaries to provide information regarding the availability of cannabis products at their dispensary. It will help the customers understand the existence of the dispensary through the information being provided through content marketing. In the end, it is the content which will be optimized by the SEO when posted on the website. This dispensary marketing in California has been recognized by MedMen leading to an increase in its visibility.


Displaying the ads via various cannabis sites like weedmaps, weedtube, leafly, etc, for an individual’s personal dispensary by geo-targeting the potential customers would help increase the popularity of the dispensaries among the cannabis users. This, in turn, will strengthen the dispensary marketing in California as well.


Social media content is a great way to build the identity of a dispensary. Social media platforms, like Instagram, can be used as an outreach tool to attract new customers. Sending special offers via direct message to target audiences in the social media platform is one of the best ways. Facebook can also be used for social media marketing through direct marketing to the customers, keeping in view the rules and norms.


SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. This helps in connecting with searchers who are actively searching for dispensaries products. There are various names given to dispensary SEM like :

  1. Dispensary PPC.
  2. Dispensary paid ads.

SEM helps the cannabis business by increasing their brand awareness as well as by connecting to the right users at the right place. Since cannabis marketing in California is growing this would help to create brand recognition.

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The above mentioned are the best selected digital strategies to boost up the dispensary marketing in California. This will not only help to gain new customers but also help in increasing the popularity of the dispensary. These digital strategies are one of the best ways to increase the profitability of the cannabis business in California as well.

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