Google Analytics 4 Vs Google Analytics 360 for the Cannabis Industry: Which is Right for Your Business?

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, understanding online presence and customer behavior is crucial. Google Analytics, a powerful platform for tracking user interactions and analyzing engagement, offers two prominent models: Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Analytics 360 (GA360). For cannabis businesses aiming to optimize their digital strategies, understanding the differences and benefits of each model is essential.

GA4 is the accessible version of Google Analytics, offering powerful tools for businesses to track specific user interactions and events on websites and apps. GA360 is the enterprise-level version designed for larger enterprises with advanced analytics needs, providing additional features for in-depth analysis.

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an event-centric analytics platform that comprehensively tracks user behavior across websites and apps. With machine-learning algorithms, GA4 delivers data-driven insights that predict user behavior while maintaining robust user privacy standards. For cannabis businesses, GA4 offers tools to monitor, process, and visualize data, enabling actionable intelligence to optimize digital strategies.

Benefits and Features of GA4 for Cannabis Businesses:

  • Event-Based Data Model: GA4 uses a flexible event-based data model, allowing for detailed tracking of user interactions.
  • Cross-Device Integration: Seamlessly combines data from different devices and platforms, providing a holistic view of user behavior.
  • Enhanced Measurement: Automatically tracks various interactions beyond page views, which is crucial for understanding customer journeys in the cannabis sector.
  • Custom Reporting: Explore customizable reports and layouts tailored to specific business needs.
  • Powerful Segmentation: Enables advanced segmentation and conversion tracking based on user interactions.
  • Simplified Conversion Tracking: Easy toggle switch feature for conversion monitoring.
  • Real-Time Validation: DebugView ensures accurate data capture and troubleshooting.
  • BigQuery Integration: Advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities through BigQuery integration.

What is Google Analytics 360?

Google Analytics 360 (GA360) is part of the Google Marketing Platform and offers enterprise-level analytics support. It allows for extensive data collection, surpassing the sampling limits of the free GA4 version. It offers increased flexibility in data collection with custom dimensions, metrics, and event parameters. For cannabis enterprises, GA360 provides a suite of tools for comprehensive data analysis and marketing optimization.

Benefits and Features of GA360 for Cannabis Businesses:

  • Unsampled Reports: Access to unsampled reports for accurate analysis of large datasets.
  • Extended Data Collection Limits: Increased limits for custom dimensions, metrics, and audience definitions.
  • Custom Funnels and Remarketing Audiences: Create custom funnels and remarketing audiences for deeper insights and targeted marketing.
  • Advanced Insights Tools: Tools for custom insights, audience discovery, and analysis enhance reporting capabilities.
  • Holistic Performance Assessment: Aggregate data from multiple properties for a comprehensive performance overview.
  • BigQuery Integration: Seamless integration with BigQuery for advanced analysis and visualization.
  • Google Marketing Platform Integration: Works with other Google Marketing Platform products for cross-channel campaign tracking.
  • Dedicated Support: Access specialized Google support and resources to maximize platform potential.

Choosing the Right Analytics Tool for Your Cannabis Business

For cannabis businesses, selecting the right analytics tool depends on specific needs and goals:

  • GA4 is ideal for small to medium-sized cannabis businesses looking for robust, free analytics capabilities. Its event-based model and cross-device tracking provide comprehensive insights into user behavior.
  • GA360 is suited for larger enterprises with advanced analytics requirements. Its extended data collection limits, unsampled reports, and integration with other Google Marketing Platform tools offer potent in-depth analysis and marketing optimization capabilities.

How Spokes Digital Can Help

At Spokes Digital, we specialize in cannabis digital marketing and data analytics. Our approach ensures precision in tracking, measuring, and analyzing user behavior, prioritizing privacy compliance. We help you explore the best analytics tools, consolidate customer data across platforms, enhance profiles, and activate targeted audiences for personalized strategies and increased conversions. Our ongoing support and maintenance ensure your analytics data’s accuracy, reliability, and actionability.

To Conclude

Understanding the capabilities and differences between Google Analytics 4 and Google Analytics 360 is crucial for cannabis businesses aiming to optimize their digital strategies. By leveraging the right analytics tool, you can gain valuable insights into user behavior, enhance marketing efforts, and drive business growth in the competitive cannabis industry. Let Spokes Digital guide you in choosing and implementing the best analytics solution for your needs.

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