We partner with leading high-growth Cannabis Dispensary & Hemp/CBD E-commerce brands in North America as an extension of their marketing team to scale SEO & paid customer acquisition channels


Spokes is a leading full-service performance marketing agency specializing in the cannabis space. We partner with companies in North America who share our vision of understanding E-commerce business and are breaking grounds in this dynamic industry. Our team is comprised of professionals from B2C, B2B and the cannabis space, therefore, having an agile approach to all projects.

Product Feeds


Digital, or die. Everything we execute lives online, whether it’s launching an ad campaign on Google Ads, Optimizing On Page & Off Page SEO, local SEO or setting up email marketing automation. We know the end of the day only brands with a strong digital presence survive.


Better bet on tech. We build dynamic and engaging websites and mobile applications with an emphasis on user-experience and online visibility. When it comes to measuring the success of our campaigns and their impact on driving website traffic, we track every click, online orders and deliver comprehensive analytics reports.


We design, develop and execute go-to-market strategies for success using three key disciplines: 1) define your geographical targets; 2) identify your target audience and digital marketing channels and 3) align your brand message with the digital marketing channels we know are most successful for your product.



In order to raise capital for your company, not only do you need to have a solid business plan, but it’s critical to be marketable & saleable from the start. Spokes Digital can act as Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and help position your brand in the market to have a clear competitive advantage while marketing effectively to investors by providing:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Audit
  • Digital Marketing Plans
  • Digital Media Budge

Cannabis Marketing Solutions

In the world of AI & Complex Google Algorithms (Ugh!), sometimes it becomes difficult to run a business the way you want and especially in the industry like Cannabis.

Why us?

There are a number of services we provide, well every marketing firm does……come on, you already know this, but the question still stands why we? (“And here comes a superb marketing statement”) because we provide Cannabis marketing solutions like no other. Now, of course, there is a reason we have clients from different scales, from small to large scale corporations. We understand the need for every size of organizations and based on their requirements we render bespoke plans which improve their ROI substantially.

Our Expertise

Spokes Webinars & Events

Transparency is the name of the game. Spokes Digital’s Educational Webinars & Events are a step through which we build trust and partnership between our company and our existing and potential clients.

Brands we are working with

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Hear It From Our Clients

“Varun’s team is best in class! The company excels in various fields of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, Programmatic, and more. Varun is an excellent listener, identifies areas of need, has proactive and appropriate solutions, and leads his experienced staff to successfully deliver results. The result-oriented approach of Varun and his team gives me the confidence to recommend the company in the highest order. I am of the firm belief that Varun and Spokes bring value to any company and deliver an outcome that will give its client a competitive edge in the market.”

Marco R.

CEO & President Pineapple Ventures, Inc

“I’ve worked with Varun and his Spokes team for a year now. I demand a lot of my vendors and his team is always quick, responsive, reliable, and reasonable all the while still managing to be honest & kind. It seems so simple but it’s surprisingly very hard to find these days. I’ve already referred them to other clients as well. I sleep better at night knowing that the Spokes team is working on my projects. Highly recommended.”

Lubna Salah

CEO Atlanta Digital

“Working with Varun has been such a pleasure. He is an incredibly talented and driven marketer. He has deep knowledge of consumer insights, digital marketing plans, and launching marketing campaigns. He drove Foria’s successful paid media campaigns from ideation to execution, and was able to meet sales targets with a 2X to 3X ROAS, which is no small feat when you consider how challenging and ambiguous the cannabis/CBD advertising space has been. Varun and the Spokes Digital team is able to navigate big-budget campaigns and drive results. I look forward to working with Varun and Spokes team to drive success for Foria in the future.”

Rae Gross

Director of Ecommerce & Marketing Foria Wellness

“Spokes team came to me at a time when zero effort had been put into SEO. Being a cannabis company, SEM wasn’t even on our radar given current regulations. Spokes team enabled us to leverage these channels in ways that we did not think were achievable and helped us see the value in allocating marketing budget to these areas. Spokes team continually pushed themselves to optimize campaigns and drive results.”

Abby Uriarte

Digital Marketing Manager MedMen

“Spokes Digital is very well versed in SEO and digital ads, and we found it a pleasure to work with them.”

Amanda Denz

Co-founder & CMO SAVA

“I highly recommend Varun Patel, and his company, Spokes Digital, for any digital marketing needs. They are expert at SEO and SEM, and were able to increase my company’s digital sales significantly and with an impressive ROI. Not only are they great to work with, they are extremely responsive, and good communicators – sharing results on a weekly basis, and optimizing digital efforts ongoing. “

Dawn Blackstone

Chief Marketing Officer Earthly Body

“I had the pleasure to work alongside Varun and his team helping one of my clients in the CBD space. The Spokes Digital team are experts in compliance and finding ways around policy restrictions. His agency is thorough, smart, fast with excellent reporting and support. I recommend them to all my CBD clients as a go-to for their paid search strategy.”

Sarah Skinner

Digital Marketing Consultant Papa and Barkley

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Cannabis Marketing Solutions

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